Helping the elderly understand the internet

Editor’s note: In this guest post, Anna Preston, a consultant with Live-In Care Hub, a UK non-profit organization, discusses how we can help the elderly better understand the Internet.

By Anna Preston (Live-In Care Hub, a UK non-profit)

The internet and all its wonders hold no fear for the younger generation, but for older people, computers can be very hard to comprehend. Those who grew up in the analog world can find it difficult learning to use something which must seem like science fiction.

As frightening and confusing as new technology can be, any fears are far outweighed by the potential benefits and enjoyment which can be derived once you learn how to use it. Older people who may be feeling isolated from friends and family can find new worlds of communication opening up through Skype, facetime, TikTok or Facebook.

If you’re caring for an older person who wants to learn all about the internet but maybe feeling a bit apprehensive, you could start by explaining a little about the great advances made in-home help technology and how it can help to supplement live-in care services. Then tell them how the internet can help them with shopping, banking or general entertainment. After this, just grab a laptop, tablet or smartphone and read on for ideas on how you can help them get started.

To read Ms. Preston’s article, please click here.

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