Does the elderly patient you’re caring for have a gambling problem?

Editor’s note: In this guest post, Anna Preston, a consultant with Live-In Care Hub, a UK non-profit organization, discusses how we can identify gambling issues in the elderly and how we can help those who have a gambling problem.

By Anna Preston (Live-In Care Hub, a UK non-profit)

Gambling has, in recent years, infiltrated all levels of society. Far from being the preserve of largely older men hanging around the racecourse or bookies, or indeed older women spending their money in the bingo halls, the rise in online gambling in particular has become a massive problem for people from all walks of life and all ages.

There are now more than ever numerous ways for people to gamble away their money from betting on races and other sporting events to lotteries and online games. Advertising for these is everywhere which draws more and more people in to the world of gambling. A recent YouGov survey estimated that there were some 1.4 million problem gamblers in the UK with around 5 million people affected in some way by gambling.


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