Two Steps For Reducing Your Risk of Blood Clots

#1 Tip to Reduce Your Risk of Blood Clots – Make Sure that You’re Not the Victim of Non-Medication Switching

Doctors are fighting to ensure their stroke patients are getting access to the medications they need, reports FOX13 News in Memphis, Tennessee:

To read the article, please go to the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety blog.

One thought on “Two Steps For Reducing Your Risk of Blood Clots

  1. What is really upsetting is getting conflicting information from the team that works with me on keeping my Neuropathy in check. How long to use the pump… wraps at bedtime or no wraps…airing out weeping legs or keeping wraps on among others. It’s embarrassing, scary and I have worked a couple of years with this team so do I start over some place else?

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