How a Patient Battled with CVS Caremark and Won: CVS Caremark and Non-Medication Switching 

By Michael Wong, JD (Founder/Executive Director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety)

This is a modern-day story of David and Goliath of how a patient took on CVS Caremark and won. 

In the biblical version, David with just a staff, sling, and stones, fights the giant Goliath and wins.

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In the modern-day version, Beth Waldron, a patient advocate in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, receives a letter from CVS Caremark, the pharmacy benefit manager of CVS Health. The CVS Caremark letter informed her that Eliquis (apixaban), the blood-thinning medication she had been taking for eight years, would no longer be on the CVS Caremark’s national formulary beginning in January 2022.

To read the complete article, please go to the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety blog.

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